Exclusively For Current And Past Case Study Program Participants

We are committed to finding new and creative ways to serve our clients in our Case Study Information & Marketing Program who are continuing to collaborate with us to spread the word about our high-concentration molecular hydrogen systems.

This new hybrid affiliate and research program will help to augment the compensation clients have received by opening up new revenue streams. It is not meant to fully replace the original program, but rather to serve as a stop-gap until the original program can be relaunched.

This program is NOT available to anyone who has not already participated (or is currently participating) in the Case Study Information & Marketing Program.

That being said, we believe that this program structure will be even MORE effective than the original program!

Take a look at the details below...






Complete Basic Questionnaire Once Per Month

10 core questions

1 social media post (no hashtags)

2 client referrals

That's it.

Your submission will help us continue to gather data

and it will keep you qualified for this new program.



For the next 3 years, you’ll be able to offer ANYONE

the ability to purchase one of our systems at WHOLESALE prices

(50% off)

...and at the same time make a large commission off of the price of that purchase!!!


The landing page for our exclusive discount is


You will receive credit for ANYONE that enters your name in the referral box and purchases a machine.


You will then earn commissions on each machine sold based on your referrals.


GROUP 1: Active Participants

(or clients who have had broken systems for several months)




H2 ProElite

$3360 sale price ($1,680 in commissions)


H2 EliteX

$4885 sale price ($2,442.50 in commissions)


GROUP 2: Inactive Participants

(clients who have not completed any requirements for over 2 months)




H2 ProElite

$3360 sale price ($840 in commissions)


H2 EliteX

$4885 sale price ($1,221.25 in commissions)


ALL you’ll need to do is refer people to us via your questionnaire, OR send them directly to the landing page above.


Send new prospective clients our way, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Hydrogen is real, our systems are STILL the most powerful in the world (by a longshot), and we all know they have the potential to help millions around the world.


So let’s focus on what’s real - let’s turn a negative into a huge positive.


REMEMBER why you were so excited about hydrogen and our high-concentration machines…


Quite simply, the health ROI on your trusii machine is INFINITE.


So let’s work together to improve the health and lives of THOUSANDS around the world.