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The most powerful molecular hydrogen tablets available, to provide you with portable access to one of the most revolutionary wellness and performance breakthroughs in history. One tablet produces over 12 ppm molecular hydrogen nanobubbles in 8-10 oz of water for potent intracellular antioxidant support to neutralize oxidative stress and inflammation. H2Now also provides the body with a superior form of magnesium for optimal health.

1 Bottle / 60 Tablets

Magnesium (80 mg)

Other ingredients:
Non GMO dextrose
DLMalic Acid
Tartaric Acid
Sodium Stearyl Fumarate


Ingredient Breakdown

NOTE: None of these ingredients - including molecular hydrogen - are on any professional sports banned substance list.


Magnesium: Mineral that is naturally present in many foods. We use an elemental magnesium that reacts with the water to create molecular hydrogen gas.


Non-GMO Tapioca Dextrose: Produced from organic tapioca starch using natural enzymes. Used in such a micro amount so it doesn’t influence blood sugar or contain calories whatsoever.


DL Malic Acid: Organic compound made by all living organisms. It’s made in your body by turning carbohydrates, fat and protein you’ve ingested into energy and is a main component of the Krebs Cycle, which is responsible for ATP formation. Malic acid contributes to the sour taste of fruits, and often used as a food additive.


Tartaric Acid: A naturally occurring acid found in many fruits such as grapes, bananas, and tamarinds. It has been shown to have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits which are good for overall health.


Sodium Stearyl Fumarate: Inactive ingredient used in almost all tablets to help with disintegration.


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