trusii Ambassador Steve Gaspar, Professional Rock Climbing Route Setter and Coach

More people than ever are visiting indoor rock climbing gyms for the incredible workout, mental challenge, and vibrant community. There's no wonder why indoor climbing is set to become an official Olympic sport in 2020.

But what many people may not realize is that route setting - i.e. creating the challenging paths that climbers must use to reach the top of the wall - is truly a sport (and an art form) in and of itself.

trusii ambassador Steve Gaspar is one of the best and most creative rock climbing route setters in the business, in addition to an elite-level coach... and he's spent years perfecting his craft. Join us as we spend a day with Steve at Rockreation to learn about his philosophies on climbing, route setting, weight training, nutrition, how trusii hydrogen water fuels his performance, and more.

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Misty Rodriguez
Misty Rodriguez

February 25, 2019

My daughter has been drinking it and it is helping to clear up her acne.

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